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google app engine doesn't support like 'begin%' and normally, it can work quite slow without the "Record Key". Unfortunately, something like searching unconfirmed data, such as word search with POSSIBILITIES I guess main work of databases is the slow one.

so I recorded every data of each length, and indexed those all height axis. length0_,length1_.....,length4,length5. dbsize with sqlite3, it was 2.5Mb, now it's 10Mb @ google store (^o^)/

It depends weather using many subqueries or get it directory with a shot is better.

On this application, to minimize selectional number by trying to use the biggest word as long as possible, I mean if user want to search words for englishhonesty, ignore all parts like ho,hon,hone.. even have stored data, go only the axis the hash of honesty would be, retriveve directory from the hash index coincidence. I think that's the best way at this moment.

it's like

search code process 1 target
honesty over char(6)? - yes(7) select from `spanish` where `en-length6`=='honest'
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