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installer(on windows)
installer(on linux)

1. download the installer zip archive. (not containing main application "gaeTiddlywiki" and google SDK) 0.4Mb

you'll see gaeTiddlywikiInstaller.jar and gaeTiddlywikiInstaller.exe after extraction. that is the installer.
if you use windows, double click gaeTiddlywikiInstaller.exe.
shell java -jar gaeTiddlywikiInstaller.jar if you use linux or mac.

do following to-do list one by one.


push installer's #0-1 button. It calls GoogleAppEngine-SDK downloading script.
push installer's #0-2 button. It calls latest gaeTiddlywiki downloading script.

you'll see 12 files after all
  1. push installer's #1 button. it call a browser opening the website of Google App Engine. make Google App Engine account.
  2. create application domain on Google App Engine.(it is used application id as well as domain.)
  3. push installer's #3 button, register the application id to gaeTiddlywikiInstaller.
  4. push installer's #3 button. if windows, cmd.exe command prompt, if linux or mac, command prompt of xterm will be opened. picture(linux) if command prompt doesn't open
    1. prompt ask you about your Google account (like <>) and its password. please login. if login succeeds, then installing(it's uploading called deploy) gaeTiddlywiki will start.
  5. after the prompt's closed, then push installer's #5 button. your default browser opens your gaeTiddlywiki running on the Google App Engine.
  6. if you prefer, push installer's #6 button. It brings you control panel of GoogleAppEngine.

After installation

set up site-name, administrator-id, administrator-password.
browser's going to automatically forward to top page.

that's all of instructions. everything has done.


Ryoji Kodakari carefully product. 26 Jan 2014.

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