maven:embedding this java tiddlywiki parser

I excluded this java tiddlywiki parser of this web application and published it on maven third repository.

1.embedding Java Tiddlywiki Parser with Maven
2.embedding Java Tiddlywiki Parser without Maven
3.trying this eclipse project to use
5.Extra: splitting a classic static TiddlyWiki.html into the pieces

You can browse the code here.

rep.png is the main code.


Attention: this parser doesn't support CamelCase, @Highlight@.

Embedding Java Tiddlywiki Parser with Maven

add pom.xml


			<name>dummy of</name>

..if you can't retrieve it, download and merge them to your .m2 folder instead.

7/17/13 10:46:00 PM JST: Maven Builder: AUTO_BUILD 
7/17/13 10:47:10 PM JST: Refreshing [/test/pom.xml]
7/17/13 10:47:10 PM JST: [INFO] snapshot tiddlywiki.syntax.parser:parser:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT: checking for updates from http
7/17/13 10:47:12 PM JST: Downloading
7/17/13 10:47:12 PM JST: Downloaded
7/17/13 10:47:14 PM JST: Downloading
7/17/13 10:47:14 PM JST: Downloaded

Embedding Java Tiddlywiki Parser without Maven

Download these following files.
1. (The parser. this file including 4 files.)

the 4 files


2.Excuse me but this parser has one dependency. Download org.apache.commons.codec-1.6.jar and set it in Build Path too.

Trying this eclipse project

/file/maven:embedding this java tiddlywiki parser/1.5.png
please make sure Java Compiler Environment is set to 1.5

How to use


      new JTiddlywikiParser().parse( tiddlywiki syntax text, [the name of page])
tiddlywiki syntax text
like [img[foo.png]], !h1 ;dt:dd *list...
the name of page
it's used when [img[]] tag form is like not [img[./foo.jpg]], [img[]], [img[/file/page/foo.jpg]] but [img[foo.jpg]] (meaning [img[/file/THIS PAGE/foo.jpg]]). set null or "" if you don't need.
html text

Splitting a classic static TiddlyWiki.html into the pieces

It's nothing but nonsense so far...

binary rec-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
repository only.
dependency none →splitting→

Attention: this parser specially supports CamelCase as well as other markups.

how to use

1.put rec-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar into your TiddlyWiki.html folder.
2.rename your TiddlyWiki.html to tiddlywiki.html.

java -jar rec-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

in.png'll see out folder there. This folder contains index.html and other all split one.

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